Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Photos After Dinner

Today was the first day since I've had grandma that I got a little time to myself. My mom took her to a hearing aid appointment and I went to Whole Foods. Yeah, big day out, I know.  It was in the 80s today here in the upstate, and I was excited to get home to fire up the bbq. So, I bought some fish and we ate that with some green beans and mushrooms on the back deck and watched the sunset. We finished up with some chocolate chip cookies.

I had bought grandma a new outfit last night at Target while we were in town since most of her clothes are stained from her time in the nursing home. I was thinking she looked awfully pretty tonight so I got a few shots of her. I put this apron on her for every meal because she ends up wearing a good portion of it. So, I had to get one of her still wearing it and eating her cookie.

 Oh, as we were finishing dinner she asked, "Where did our little boy go?".
"What little boy?", I asked.
"The one who brought home the groceries," she replied.
"That was me,  grandma".
Confused stare...

The images look so much better big, so I recommend you click on them individually.

And thank you to everyone who sent me a message today to wish me luck and tell me how they enjoyed the new blog, etc. It really means a lot and I will get back to you eventually. Goodnight! xoxoxo, B


  1. It's pretty amazing what you are doing!I love your blog and FB posts. Keep'em coming.


  2. Thank you Lesli. Maybe one of my rewards will be coming to see you guys sometime. xo