Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Wheelchair Ramp

I've been with grandma for two weeks today. We've had a tough time getting up and down the front steps, so I was so excited when my mom and dad came over to build a wheelchair ramp this morning. Now it will be so much easier for grandma and I to go on walks, go into town, and even just get out in the yard together. My dad is an amazing handyman; unfortunately his style is more analogous to a skater or a plumber. I helped with the project, screwing in the last half of the boards so my dad wouldn't have to bend over so much.  Check out the photos and you'll understand. ;) You will also see grandma watching the action (wink, wink) and my mom giving her a little test run. The before and after sunburned bum shots may let you know how long dad was at it. Thank you mom and dad. And extra thanks dad for letting us all have this giggle at your expense.

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